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Welcome to our blog “A Long Days Journey… Into Wholeness: Musings of a Wounded Healer”! We are Kairos Transformations: we are leaders, counselors, spiritual directors, coaches, and we have all been both wounded and healed. Kairos is the Greek word for the appointed time or season, it is not just chronological time (chronos) but the right time, God’s time. The truth in God’s word is transformational and we hope you believe that too or you wouldn’t have chosen ministry as your vocation. Here is the way we see things in a nutshell: People are hurting, pastors are overwhelmed and burnt out, seminaries often don’t prepare pastors for the challenges they face, and we really want to help! Not only that but we have been preparing and helping pastors just like you navigate those very challenges and obstacles your seminary training just didn’t cover. So come back and visit, leave comments, and even ask questions about some of the trials you are facing. Our guess is there are many other pastors out there wondering the same thing, YOU might even help THEM by asking your question. Life is a journey and we need each other if we are going to not only survive but THRIVE! Pastors have been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and influence in guiding people in their spiritual journeys.  It is a wonderful privilege and can sometimes be a heavy burden, one which they don’t need to carry on their own.  4Pastors.com is a place to find encouragement and support.  Kairos Transformations is an organization dedicated to supporting pastors, providing resources, and being a source of healing and wholeness.  All are welcome who are truly seeking support and desire to be a light in this world. Blessings to you! Come back soon!

A Long Day’s Journey


Eugene O’Neill wrote a play called  “A Long Day’s Journey Into Night” (http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/longdays/summary.html) The basic theme is that there have been a long string of ordinary days where a family’s brokenness has compounded until one night it all comes to a head as there is a realization that members of this family, and indeed the family itself, are dying. As believers we have a hope that didn’t exist for the Tyrone family in O’Neill’s play. We have a hope in a God who loves, heals, and redeems all our brokenness. However, for many we want that journey from wounded and broken to whole to be an easy or even instant journey. Sometimes God chooses to miraculously heal however, for most of us the journey is a long string of ordinary days where we are engaged in the mundane activities of living, that we discover God has been healing us. We are fellow travelers on this same journey. Welcome to the Long Day’s Journey! May you find encouragement and hope as you journey!

Why Do We Eat Our Own?

It is a coarse saying “eating their own”, but it describes and all to often experienced behavior in the collective we call the church. It is the moment when a person who has either willingly admitted or having been found out admits to some sort of impropriety or “ungodly” behavior.…

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